BV Medical

Primary Services

Performance Verification

BV Medical provide an on-site Biomedical Performance Verification service to more than 1,000 Hospitals, GP clinics, Surgeries, Specialist Centres, Rest Homes, Theatres and Veterinary Practices throughout New Zealand. Performance Verification is typically an annual service which usually includes the preventative maintenance, calibration, functional and electrical safety testing of medical equipment. Performance Verification is a requirement of the AS/NZ 3551:2012 and other associated standards. Confused? . . . . It's an area that's frequently shrouded in mystery but it's really very simple! We're very happy to come and talk to you about these things, to remove the mystique and put it all in perspective. We have many cost effective options to suit your practice and your budget - contact our friendly team now.

Equipment Repair & Servicing

BV Medical has technical experts available to provide our customers with a workshop based equipment servicing and repair facility where we service and repair more than 1,000 different makes and models of medical equipment. Your equipment's in good hands! More than 350 items pass through this facility each month. If it's not working as it should, if it seems unsafe or it just won't go at all, send it in to us and we will soon give you our opinion - and we won't charge you for that! We have a pretty good idea as to whether or not something is economical to repair and we'll discuss it with you. And don't sweat the small stuff! For our customers we go the extra mile and fix up all the little things - don't think it's going to be too expensive - you just might be very surprised!

Preventative Maintenance

Just like your car or your teeth, medical equipment needs to be looked after or it will ultmately suffer the consequences of neglect. We understand each piece of equipment, we know its foibles, we know what will happen if it's neglected - we see the consequences all the time. It doesn't have to be a major undertaking - but it's worth spending that little bit of time to look after it. And it's not just the big things! One of the major benefits of regular attention is a reduction in the number of costly interuptions to your business. Equipment out of service and callouts to repair, far exceed the cost of a little TLC.

Callout Service

System down? Need help, now? We provide our customers with an on-site callout service for those mission critical situations. We will either come to you and assist or, if you're far away you'll be amazed at how we can analyse a problem for you on the phone. Our intimate knowledge of medical equipment and many years of experience gives us a real edge at pin-pointing problems and resolving them fast - all of which means the most economical and timely repair possible.